Best Customer Service Speakers and Trainers in Australia

Best Customer Service

WHO are the TOP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Speakers, Presenters & Trainers in Australia? Need a Conference Speaker to help create a customer-centric culture? Want to improve your customer service & experience with some Training? Would you like better Systems and Processes to measure & improve your customer service levels ? I am a HUGE FAN of
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2021 Best Productivity & Time Management Experts & Trainers

Productivity Speakers and Productivity Experts

Who are the TOP Productivity & Efficiency Experts in Australia? Too many things to do and too little time to get them done? Suffering from information overwhelm and an overflowing email inbox? Want to live a BETTER life and have more fun & balance? One of the BEST things you can do is make the
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How to Survive and Thrive in a CoVid Sales Slump and Economic Downturn

sales slump

Surviving a CoVid Sales Slump by Pivotting & Reinventing Your Business to Thrive in Turbulent Times  has Corona Virus caused a Sales Slump or Downturn? Have sales dried up and your team has lost their MOJO? Need to PIVOT and get more new business and sales in a hurry? In turbulent times it pays to
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Biggest Mistakes made during an Online Presentation or Webinar

Online Presentation Mistakes

How to avoid making Mistakes in your Online presentations, Webinars and Zoom Meetings By David Staughton CSP – Presenter & Small Business Consultant Having attended and presented LOTS of webinars, virtual meetings and presentations, here is a list of some of the biggest mistakes to avoid as the entire training, presenting and speaking industry goes
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Livestreaming Resources for Virtual Conferences & Meetings during the Corona Crisis

Livestreaming Virtual Conferences

Livestreaming Resources for Virtual Speakers & Presenters and Conference Organisers  With the huge impact of CoVid-19 Virus on the Travel, Events and Speaking industries, there has been a MASSIVE upswing in demand for running Virtual Events, Livestreaming, Virtual Presenting  and Remote Speaking. Governments and companies have stopped their employees attending ALL Live events and many
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How to Engage with Your Business Story  

Presentation Tips for Business Owners, Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs telling their own Business Story by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in Tough Times and Expert on Small Business Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs get asked to tell their own business story – the story of their life journey or their
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Graphical Facilitation Resources for Speakers & Presenters

Think Differently

BEST Graphical Facilitation Resources to improve your Presentations Graphic facilitation and graphic recording are great techniques to engage groups in the communication process, especially at events. Visual meetings are a great way to get people involved. I could never draw when I started yet have been a big fan of visual graphics since doing a
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The Conference Speaker MARKETPLACE – Who Buys & Hires Presenters?

Speaker Buyers

Australian Conference Speaker & Event MARKETPLACE for Professional Presenters and Online Talent An Overview of The Conference Speaker & Online Presenter Marketplace – Who buys them? Lots of different conference organisers! The marketplace for conference speakers and talent consists of thousands of events for audiences of every size. The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA)
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