Best Speaker Bureaus & Talent Managers in Australia & NZ

Speakers Bureaus

Who Are The TOP Speakers Bureaus & Talent Managers In Australia & NZ? Need a Speakers Bureau Consultant to help find hot & new talent for your conference or event? Want to enquire about a big name celebrity or ‘hard to get’ expert to headline your event? Are you a speaker who wants to get
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PIVOT your Speaking Business – Adding value during the Crisis

Pivot Your Speaking Business

How to PIVOT your Speaking, Training or Presenting to add VALUE to clients during the Corona Crisis by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in tough times and Expert on Small Business The Corona Crisis had decimated the LIVE Event,  Speaking and Conference industry – we need to PIVOT to new virtual
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How to Engage with Your Business Story  

Presentation Tips for Business Owners, Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs telling their own Business Story by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in Tough Times and Expert on Small Business Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs get asked to tell their own business story – the story of their life journey or their
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Biggest Mistakes Conference Speakers Make and how to avoid them

Speaker Mistakes

What are the Biggest Mistakes Conference Speakers Make on Stage ? 12 BIG Mistakes & TIPS on how to avoid them. Having attended hundreds of conferences I have seen a LOT of speaker mistakes – here’s a list of 12 BIG Things to avoid and some Useful Tips for Presenters & Speakers   Please don’t
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Converting More Speaker Enquiries into Bookings – Best Questions to Ask

Speaker Enquiries

BEST QUESTIONS for Speakers to Ask to Convert more Speaker Enquiries How do you convert more speaker enquiries into bookings? – Ask BETTER QUESTIONS, Provide Proof and build a relationship By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Professional Speaker and Small Business Consultant   Would you like to improve your conversion of Speaker Enquiries to Bookings? Want
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The Conference Speaker MARKETPLACE – Who Buys & Hires Presenters?

Speaker Buyers

Australian Conference Speaker & Event MARKETPLACE for Professional Presenters and Online Talent An Overview of The Conference Speaker & Online Presenter Marketplace – Who buys them? Lots of different conference organisers! The marketplace for conference speakers and talent consists of thousands of events for audiences of every size. The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA)
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RULES for Presenters – Is There A Code Ethics For Speakers & Online Presenters?


What to expect when a conference organiser or client hires a Professional Speaker or Presenter – Speaker Ethics When a client hires a Professional Speaker – they have paid a fee and expect a professional performance and ethics. Speakers should AVOID getting any kind of complaints from clients – especially complaints about lack of responsiveness,
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Becoming An “EXCLUSIVE SPEAKER” with a Speakers Bureau

Exclusive Speaker

Should I become an “EXCLUSIVE SPEAKER” with a Speakers Bureau? Have you ever thought of becoming an “Exclusive Speaker” and working exclusively with just ONE main speakers bureau in Australia? Speaker Bureaus in Australia know thousands of clients organising events & conferences and are always looking for HOT new talented speakers. I believe there is
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