2021 Hot Webinar Topics During and post Covid

Hot Webinar Topics

2021 Popular Webinar Topics For Online Presenters & Virtual Speakers During & After The Corona Crisis  CoVid19 Here are some HOT WEBINAR TOPICS that are proving popular during the Corona Virus Crisis. These topics can help individuals and businesses survive and thrive during the lockdown and recovery period – “The New Normal”   Leading &
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How to Survive and Thrive in a CoVid Sales Slump and Economic Downturn

sales slump

Surviving a CoVid Sales Slump by Pivotting & Reinventing Your Business to Thrive in Turbulent Times  has Corona Virus caused a Sales Slump or Downturn? Have sales dried up and your team has lost their MOJO? Need to PIVOT and get more new business and sales in a hurry? In turbulent times it pays to
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Graphical Facilitation Resources for Speakers & Presenters

Think Differently

BEST Graphical Facilitation Resources to improve your Presentations Graphic facilitation and graphic recording are great techniques to engage groups in the communication process, especially at events. Visual meetings are a great way to get people involved. I could never draw when I started yet have been a big fan of visual graphics since doing a
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